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Simple Towel Holder

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Simple Towel Holder they have gained much prominence in the decoration of the bathrooms. A bath before everything has to be simple and functional, as these Simple Towel Holder. Bathroom accessories has become fashionable and they can create spaces as useful as originals. Simple Towel Holder with a lot of details that get to the bathroom is not a room either.

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Towel racks for bathrooms

If you like the rustic style and you want to decorate the different rooms, such as the bathrooms, the wrought iron towel racks for bathrooms are spectacular, as they perfectly comply with the rustic keys.

The objective of this style is to achieve cozy, warm environments, reminiscent of those country houses where life was calmer and there was space for everyone in the kitchens, which used to be the meeting place.

With regard to the bathrooms, it is important to make use of accessories and accessories to find the right look, the one you are looking for. There are vintage-style bathroom towel racks, wrought iron, rustic, of course, all perfect to achieve a cozy and functional space at the same time.

Elements for rustic bathrooms

A bathroom is not only the important space where we wash and do our physiological needs, it is an environment that, over the years, has captured the interest of decorators and has become a refuge.

To achieve the rustic style in the bathrooms, it is essential to use the details: retro or vintage taps, wooden or masonry countertops, towel racks for bathrooms with simple designs ...

What towel racks for bathrooms you can find

Bathroom towel racks are an element with strong decorative potential. They can be old, wrought iron, wood, with various motifs at the ends, aged, elegant, in short, we have a great diversity so that you can choose the one that best suits your bathroom.

These towel racks that we offer are generally single bar in which there are available between two and three measures, so that you can place it in that corner of the bathroom that you want.

There are also a variety of colors and finishes. For example, the old ones - which are aged - have a beautiful oxide finish, in which you can choose up to 8 colors.

The wrought iron towel racks are ideal for decorating rural, country bathrooms or with a markedly rustic spirit. Likewise, these elements also fit in a classic decoration, with vintage towel racks, with a timeless and simple appearance.

If you opt for this type of element, you will have refined lines, without arabesques or excess ornamentation at the ends; as we said, ideal for classic rooms where functionality and small details prevail.

On the other hand, rustic bathrooms admit a very wide color palette, but always with warm tones: ocher, earth, brick, orange, yellow tones, which recall nature, noble materials such as wood.

Using decorative details such as old towel racks, for example, will enhance the decoration of the entire room. Also, if you use wood (ceiling, frames and why not? In the sinks) you will get your bathroom to acquire that cozy rustic look.

Rough carved stools, like those of the ancient artisans, stone sinks (place them on a pickled wood cabinet), if you have a freestanding bathtub with legs (wonder of wonders!) And flowers and plants are some essential details.

Another perfect tandem is the mansard roof and hydraulic tiles, so fashionable these days, and so adaptable to the rustic style. You can choose models with a retro air, to make it more traditional.

Or if you prefer to modernize the rustic of your bathroom, in addition to the rustic or wrought iron towel racks, you can put the microcement floor, staining it in a warm color so that it is not a cold space.

Your Internet store Rustic Towel Holder 50cm It may be ideal for your bathroom, so I consider it again.

Towel Holder

Classic Towel Holder 60cm to succeed in small spaces. You will find here a distributor of goods Artehierro where you have at your disposal all the items you like best to decorate rustic bathrooms. Today, the balance between classic and modern is to reach these Retro Towel Holder 60cm A truly original idea is to use bathroom accessories forging to give a vintage feel to our bathroom.

Retro Towel Holder 60cm

The walls are full of details that provide ease to the bathroom Rustic Towel Holder 50cm With these characteristics create warm and quiet environments. Ancient Towel Holder 60cm they have gained much prominence in the decoration of the bathrooms.

Ideas and designs for Rustic Towel Holder 50cm for rustic homes.

Actualización: 25/09/2022