Politics of privacy

The factory promises not to use the information supplied by his clients any other company (LOPD 15/1999, del 13 de diciembre,nº477013/2015). The above mentioned information only will be in use for attending correctly to the requested orders and for facilitating his future purchases.

Neither will be realized sending of not wished advertising. Only it will be sent if this way it is wished by information about our innovations and offers.

In agreement with the in force legislation, all the clients have the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of his information. In addition, at any time, the client can demonstrate his desire not to receive any type of advertising. To exercise these rights, the clients can go for e-mail to



She is an owner of the following brand:


Calle Marruecos, parcela 6, nave 32
Código postal 11408 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz. España

Telf: 034 956 312 468

Artehierro saves himself the right to modify the commercial offer presented in the website (modifications on products, prices, promotions and other commercial conditions and of service) at any time and without previous notice. The entity does not guarantee the good functioning of the web site in any case.

We do quite the efforts to offer the information contained in the website of veracious form and without misprints. In the case that in some moment was producing to itself some mistake of this type, foreign at all time to artehierro's will, one would proceed immediately to his correction. Of a misprint exist in someone of the showed prices and some client had taken a decision of purchase based on the above mentioned mistake, we will communicate the above mentioned mistake to the client and the client will have right to rescind his purchase without any cost for your part. All the logos, texts and brands belong to his owners.

General conditions of Utilization

This web site is at the expense of artehierro, to effects of which the user of the Web site could contact artehierro, the following email address is facilitated: By means of the access to or use of the Web site, the user is convenient in fulfilling the present Legal Notice and shows his conformity with the Politics of Privacy. If the user does not agree in expiring with the terms and conditions of the Legal Notice, it will not have to use the Web site.

It is an exclusive responsibility of the user to know and to observe, in the use of the Web site and of his materials and contents, all the laws and applicable dispositions, as well as to read the Legal Notice and the Politics of Privacy before agreeing and to use the Web site, and to check from time to time the Conditions of Use and the Politics of Privacy, for the case in which artehierro could have introduced, in his case, some modification in the same ones. The terms and conditions of this web site stay, to all the effects submitted to the Spanish courts.

Exemption of Responsibility

artehierro declines any responsibility because of the transmission, diffusion, storage, putting to disposition, receipt, access or use of the Web site, and, especially, for the following thing:

(a) The existence of any failure in the access, which provokes an interruption, or of programming, related to the Web site and his functioning, anyone that is his origin, any harmful element, or the intervention of a third party.

(b) The infraction of the rights of intellectual and industrial property, of the managerial secrets, of contractual commitments of any class, of the rights to the honor, to the personal and familiar intimacy and to the image of the persons, of the rights of property and of any another nature belonging to a third party as consequence of the transmission, diffusion, storage, putting to disposition, receipt, obtaining or I access to the Web site or to his contents.

(c) The accomplishment of acts of disloyal competition and illicit advertising as consequence of the transmission, diffusion, storage, putting to disposition, receipt, obtaining of or I access to the Web site or to his contents.

(d) The lack of veracity, accuracy, relevancy and / or current importance of the Web site or of his contents.

(e) The possible lack of adequacy to purposes or fulfillment of expectations that could generate the Web site or his contents.

Likewise, the information contained in the Web site can be accessible for third persons across Internet or other means. artehierro does not guarantee the privacy of the communications that the Users could realize with regard to or across the present Web site. The Users of this Web site affirm to know that the communications transmitted across him are public and not private communications, for what artehierro will not take any responsibility as the prejudices that, in his case, the indicated access could produce.


The Web site can include links to other web sites or to other sources of Internet. Since artehierro cannot control these sites and these external sources, artehierro is not responsible for the use that is done of these sites and external sources, and does not accept any responsibility in what concerns the content, advertising, products, services or another available material in these sites or external sources. In addition, artehierro will not be responsible for any resultant hurt or loss of or related to the use of the mentioned web sites or external sources.

Law of property artehierro

The Web site and his contents, which include, between others, texts, images, brands, trade names, logos, files of all kinds, buttons, combinations of colors, as well as the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of his materials and contents, as well as the whole software used necessarily in relation with the Web site, there can contain information confidential or protected by the intellectual property law or manufacturer in effect or for any other law. Thus, except if the opposite was indicated, artehierro is proprietary and, in his case, a legitimate procedural of the intellectual property laws or industrial on the Contents of the Web site and each of the elements created for the same one, and grants neither license nor any right on the mentioned elements, except of consulting the Web site. There is prohibited expressly any type of reproduction, total or partial, of any of the Contents. It can only equally prohibited to copy, to modify, to create a derivative work, to invest the conception or the union or of any other form to try to find the source code, to sell, to attribute, to sublicense or to transfer of the form that is any right relating to the IT programs. In addition, the IT program is equally prohibited to modify or to use versions modified of the programs and, especially, when it is done for (without this enumeration is limitative) to obtain an access not authorized to the service and to accede to the Web site for another way that the interface provided by artehierro. There is remembered that artehierro is a legitimate poseedora of the brand and The user accepts the exclusive rights of the brand and and of the rest of brands, trade names and logos, and promises not to use of the same ones and, more generally, not to infringe any right of intellectual or industrial property of artehierro they save themselves the right to exercise all the legal actions consider necessary to claim the hurts and prejudices derived from plagiarism, totally or partially, or of any infraction or disturbance of his rights of intellectual, industrial property or of any another type. It can only expressly prohibited to transform, to modify or to use the contents without artehierro's previous express assent.


In the Web site they are in use "cookies", small files that disburden in the computer of the User to control the flows of movement for the contents that integrate the Web site and hereby to offer a better and more personalized service. The cookies that are in use cannot read information of the hard disk of the User. In case the User wants to prevent the generation of cookies, it will be able to select the corresponding option in his navigating program.