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We can surf the web for series or type of items. When surfing the series will see all items that make up the series, the color can be changed at all. If you browse the kinds of items, going to see every holder holder of all series.

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Bath items


As we refer to the color finish of the final product. All products you can choose your finish. We currently have eight different finishes. It's free to choose any finish.

Black (00), Aged gold (01), Aged copper (02), Oxide (03) Brown tone, Green oxide (04), Blue oxide (05), Aged silver (06), Aged white (07).

Finish bath

Hub cap pieces:

Back of the product, is located at the rear of the fixture. They serve to decorate and wall anchors are not in sight. You can choose from the drop down, your choice is free. In the picture you can see the different colors, sizes and references.

It does not allow election on the product page. You put in comments in the order.

Hub cap pieces bath

Install bathroom fixtures: