How can we save energy in our bathroom?

How can we save energy in our bathroom?

The fourth bathroom is a space of the house with a high energy consumption, not only because of the water that is used, but also as a result of the use of electrical appliances and, especially, when filling a bathtub with a lot of hot water since a water heater Water consumes every now about 1,500 Wh (Watt per hour). A dryer that is not state-of-the-art, more efficient and environmentally friendly, can consume 1875 Wh, while hair straighteners or curling irons cause a consumption of 550 and 800 Wh. We are talking about devices that we use every day, so our electricity bill can go off if we do not do something. In this article we are going to give you a series of tips so you can start saving.

Saving at the correct rate

The first thing you must do to save on your electricity bill is to choose the tariff that corresponds to you. Endesa or Iberdrola rates offer energy plans that can help us pay less each month. For example, the hourly discrimination rates of Endesa or Iberdrola allow great savings if we concentrate part of our consumption during the night, which is the most economical period. In addition there are also other plans that can adjust to our way of consuming and thus, stop paying more than we owe. Everything is to inquire about the rates that Endesa, Iberdrola or Naturgy (ex Gas Natural Fenosa) can offer us.

If you want to know what are the rates offered by the market, you can contact directly with Iberdrola or Endesa in Seville through one of its commercial offices, or call its customer service.

Tips to save energy in the bathroom

Below we explain in more detail what are the measures you can implement in your routine to start saving energy and reduce the amount of your electricity bill:

Cheaper hot water

When you need hot water, either in the shower or in the sink, put it in the first place to the maximum, and later, you are reducing. The objective of this technique is to get the hot water as quickly as possible, and then reduce it until the desired temperature is reached. If we do it the other way around, the cold water will prevail over the hot one and it will cost us more to find the ideal point, generating a greater energy expenditure.

The mixer for taps

The faucet mixers are more efficient than the classic two "butterflies" of a lifetime. Why? The mixer regulates better the mixture between cold and hot water, obtaining faster the desired temperature. On the contrary, the classic or bimando, with two butterflies cause a greater expenditure of electricity and water, in addition to suffering losses of water more easily.

Regulators and programmers

Did you know that there are timer clocks for the electric boiler? These timers are placed between the socket and the wall socket, activating the connection at the desired times. In this way, we can program to activate the thermos two hours before our morning shower and to deactivate later. So the thermos does not keep the hot water useless all day. On the other hand, the controls with temperature regulator in the shower help us to achieve the ideal temperature and save up to 6% of energy. And it goes without saying that it is much more efficient to take a shower than a bath.

Do you want to know more about energy saving? We leave you this article on how to reduce water consumption when watering your plants. And remember, paying less on your electricity bill is possible.

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