Baths different accessories Rustics

Baths different accessories Rustics

Forge and Stone: Building Blocks for Rustics Baths.

When decorating a country house and even the bathrooms of homes and businesses located in our splendid cities, the rustic style provides a cozy atmosphere, dreamy and imbued with art.

Later, we will discuss the aged wood of the barrels of the cellars of our splendid Appellations of Origin, wicker accessories and more.

But for now, we will focus on forging and different types of stone that will make your bathroom look like this intimate, cozy and evocative space of natural and old spaces.

The bathroom walls are, if you will, the most visible of the bath itself and any space. They are, moreover, is a "Pandora's box" which contains a series of exquisite and beautiful surprises.

Now, control, or what is the same, namely amalgamate with the perfect mix, stone and wrought iron within a space that is usually small or at least fairly small, it is not easy.

Regarding rustic bathrooms accessories, not enough to cram the bathroom with antiques, with decorative elements of stone and wood, in addition to the wrought iron and other metals.

It must be careful to provide visual harmony, without neglecting one aspect, extremely important when it comes bathrooms: the essential functionality.

Different types of natural stones such as Bath Accessories Rustics.

In this regard, the options are almost endless considering, yes, the whole harmony of the bathroom. Quartzites, shales, river stones, fossil stone, sandstone, cobbles transit and more, constitute excellent choices.

All this, without forgetting the granite and marble different types which, by the way, the more rustic, the better to preserve the intended style.

Beauty, hardness and durability of these precious natural stones, constitute a functional factor to consider, no more missing.

Iron: Indispensable Matter Bath Accessories Rustics.

In this case, the options are many and varied. Iron is optimal for making furniture materials, doors, windows and floors of rustic bathrooms.

The possibilities with regard to colors, textures and designs are enormous, while that will give a natural, rustic and retro to rustic bathrooms.

Iron and rustic bathrooms accessories made of this material are strong and durable, especially when we give proper maintenance. In addition, it is quite versatile, while it is easy to sand, to bend and be reinforced with nails and screws (hopefully rustic and decorative).

Another important factor in this respect is that the cast iron is capable of giving the finished we want: can be polished, sanded, stained or painted, among other processes.

Iron also is optimal for doors, windows, ceilings, beams and decorative elements for a rustic style bathroom.

This material is also ideal for the manufacture of furniture for bathrooms of style to which we are referring. The types of iron worked by hand to decorate a rustic bathroom, are many and varied.

Other Types of Rustics Bath Accessories.

Doors, windows and shutters of aged wood, adorned with antique metal details, constitute almost essential for a rustic bathroom.

The more ancient materials seem a rustic bathroom, more sense of authenticity and rusticity they provide.

On the other hand, we have those clawfoot tubs that although at present is complex original find, it is possible to acquire a splendid way replicas. The clawfoot tubs are a centerpiece in a rustic bathroom.

The barrels, in turn, are one of the unmissable classics like rustic bathrooms accessories. Use a barrel as bathtub, which is original and metal applications, such as our cellars of Appellations of Origin, it is an option that will become the admiration of all.

Others, more daring, using the barrels as toilets or, well, use parts of them to decorate the toilets themselves.

In what has to do, this time, with the lanterns, it must be considered that can be used as merely decorative or, well, for lighting the bathroom.

Finally the moment, we have the details with old wood, mirrors, hangers and shelves, are excellent choices as rustic bathrooms accessories.

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